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We have an awesome team here to serve you!  We are a fun loving, positive, personable, and talented group committed to providing a fantastic experience for our customers.  We all eat at Ephen Tacos daily and love to share our recommendations.  

Craig and Robin - owners


Craig has a passion for food.  Robin has a passion for Craig and the decor, advertising, and internet presence of Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction.  Both have long roots in the Ridgecrest community and enjoy the extra connections that the restaurant, its food and great customer service, provide. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 9.22.18 AM.png

Richard​ - Chef and Kitchen Manager

Richard joined the Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction team in July of 2018.  He brings with him a culinary arts and restaurant management degree, a joy of cooking, and 11 years of restaurant and catering experience.  


Heaven - Manager

Heaven has been with Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction since we opened in our current location in July, 2015.  Her attention to detail and candid demeanor are appreciated by co-workers and customers alike.

The completion of our awesome team:


They all bring great skills, fun, and personality to Ephen Tacos! 

We appreciate them all!

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