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Ephen Tacos - one part passion, one part love story, one part "you CAN go home again"....

     In August, 2012 Craig changed his vision of a food truck in Boulder City, NV and became one of Ridgecrest's "boomerang kids".  Having planned on never returning to live in his hometown, he was drawn back by love, family, and the history that draws one back to a small, close knit community such as Ridgecrest. 

     Together, Craig and Robin searched for the perfect outlet for Craig's passion for food, finding it in an unlikely spot -the local bowling alley snack bar.  Here Ephen Tacos was born and the learning required to turn the passion into a business began.   

     In November, 2014 another grand opportunity presented itself. The old JunkFood Junction building (and car wash), a landmark for long time Ridgecrest residents, became available for purchase.  Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction evolved and opened, after extensive renovation, in July of 2015.

     What you'll find here is the evidence of our passions and our unique journey to realizing them:  creative taste combinations set against a quirky backdrop of car wash patio ambiance and artsy ambiance.   

the "old Junkfood Junction"

Ephen Tacos SmokeHouse Junction

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